What is EasyBI?

EasyBI is a solution created for agile data processing, creating reliable information and bridging gaps towards efficient business decisions. It is user oriented solution aiming to provide improved business processes for companies of any size.

Common issues business users have

  • BI System is not on the cloud
  • Data is disconnected or in bad condition
  • Hard to understand and time consuming
  • Doesn’t support all devices and can’t be accessed

EasyBI is…

  • Cloud based solution
  • Friendly user interface
  • Supporting all devices
  • Customized for different user types

Infotool is providing…

  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Support
  • Maintenance

EasyBI – data to knowledge


Solid environment is created by combining the organization’s internal and external data sources. The relevant data to organization’s activities are collected, combined and edited into meaningful format.


The organization’s business is modeled and the metrics and dashboards to monitor the business are developed. Business modeling is determined based on the organization’s business processes and rules.


The provided data and business models, as well as the metrics and dashboards built on the basis of them are visualized in an easily and quickly learned environment. Information tailored to the needs of the organization is constantly available anywhere and at any time.


Correctly interpreted knowledge that is controlling the operation is wisdom. By knowledge and information management that is based on set targets organization can achieve true analytical competitor’s position.



Getting reliable information

Motivating team for better performance

Organizing data into visualized information

Building awareness about business reality internally and externally

Using gathered knowledge in your future business decisions

Keeping up with competitors

Saving time by replacing complicated multiple systems

Becoming data-driven company with more confidence

Why develop EasyBI solution?

The availability of data is forever changing the way businesses are run, but only if companies find a way to interpret and use it. Business intelligence (BI) solution enables executives and managers to bind data and lead their companies with fact-based insight rather than opinions and ideas. Every 1.2 years volume of business data doubles, if company doesn’t find a way to keep data healthy and well organized, it can cause different damages to business development processes.

BI solutions are here for over 20 years. So is Infotool. However, the field has been experiencing a spike and business overall productivity and profit depends on wise decision making. Majority of users changed from data analysts to business people so functionality should be adjusted to their needs as well.


Please share your BI experience and help us improve EasyBI further development. It will take you 5 minutes and mean eternity to us.